Hi guys, My name is Mohit Yadav. I live in India. I do blogging on this website. I like to read books. Books literally changed my thinking, Books make your personality better and better. Now I want to share my knowledge, which I got from books.

Reason behind Intellectualtips.com

I don’t know how blogging becomes the passion in my life, perhaps because I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how actually I can help them. After going through too much thinking blogging comes to my mind, with the help of blogging I can target audience across the world, which is not possible in the physical world. I know that I can’t help everyone that’s why I’m going to target a few ones for instance- students, entrepreneur, startups and many more as per my knowledge.

why you have to read my blogs

On intellectualtips.com I do blogging on below topics:

  •  People skill
  •  Marketing
  •  Digital marketing
  •  Business knowledge
  •  Personality development
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